Below are a few examples of my favorite print designs, used for a variety of situations.

Wedding Invitations

The wedding in question was planned as an outdoor occasion so a motif incorporating flowers and butterflies was most appropriate. The design is light and fresh as well as giving an impression of growth, which is an important factor in marriage. I also made sure that there was enough space inside for each invitation to be hand-written.

Bana Ba Letsatsi Brochure

This brochure was designed as a physical extension of their website to convey information to potential sponsors in a striking and attention-grabbing manner.

21st Poster

Just having a little bit of fun! My friend turned 21 and I created this poster for him, which was then signed at the bottom by all his friends as a unique piece of art that he can remember us all by.

Major Blue Air Advert

This was created along the same lines as the website to make sure that the brand becomes easily recognizable. Simple text outlining the services offered in conjunction with attractive images were used to promote the company.

Mapula Lodge Advert

The stunning main image was selected to capture the imagination of potential customers and entice them into the Okavango Delta for a special trip. Simple colours and lines were used to maintain the focus on the photographs and experience.

Menu designs

I really enjoyed having fun with this project, designing five different menus for a hotel, ranging from a formal wine list to a fun kids menu.

Business cards

Air Shakawe is a new charter company in the Okavango Delta who requested a green and gold colour scheme. I created a icon using the abstract idea of a plane or a plant to give an impression of being close to nature.

Business cards

Based on the logo for the company, these cards are vibrant and attractive. Individuals have a slightly more complex design than cards with branch contact details on them.