View my latest logo design projects. Logos are my specialty, I love creating new branding and providing each company with their very own identity that they can be proud of.

Accpro Accountants.

The concept behind this logo is the classic feather pen with ink with a difference, changed to a leaf symbolizing growth and life. The green colours and natural symbol show the vested interest that the company have in being environmentally-friendly.

Au Pair Options

I decided to work with the color orange because it is a vibrant and warm colour. The icon that I created is of an au pair holding hands with some children while jumping with joy. The linked hands symbolize the slogan “your connection to Europe”.


For this logo I used iconic symbols to tell a story. The gemsbok represents the prey, the African wild dog represents the predator, and the Acacia tree represents the environment. The colour scheme combines the brown of earth and nature with the golden yellow of the beautiful tall grass of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve.


Formation is one company that is made up of three divisions. I kept the logo very simple by using a single icon and changing the colour for each division, as well as naming it beneath the company name. The icon gives a strong impression of directed movement, which applies to all facets of the company.

Lily Pad

This logo presents a calming and natural yet feminine image, showing what kind of experience will be provided by the company.

SKL Group of Camp

SKL stands for Savuti, Khwai and Linyanti which are campsites in northern Botswana. The simple tree and tent project an impression of shelter and peace while the rustic writing gives a feeling of being close to nature.